Gran Fork Lift Option For 'Jeep' Universals

CJ-2A with option Gran Fork Lift Attachment

Gran Fork Lift Attachment - Model GA2 - Serial Number 114

I recently purchased a Gran Fork Lift option for the CJ-2A. (Model GA2 - Serial Number 114) It is in pretty good shape and is only missing the hydraulic pump (the front mounted crankshaft pump similar to the ones used on the Monroe implement lifts) and the hydraulic tank. I have never seen another one of these units. I am interested in hearing from others who may have one of these or has some information regarding these units.

Front view - Down
Front view - Up for Storage
Back view
Side view

The unit has 3 forks. (Not sure why.):

Fork - Installed on Lift

The lift is powered by a hydraulically powered motor:

Hydraulic Controls
Hydraulic Motor

The motor runs to a gear reduction box that is attached to a chain gear driven spool. This spool is used to lower and raise the fork unit:

Gear Reduction Box

The unit is designed to allow for a 5-1/2 degree tilt from side to side:

Side Tilt Cylinder
It also can tilt 18 degrees front to rear with another cylinder:

Front to Rear Tilt Cylinder

Here are some pages from the period literature that came with the lift:

Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

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